Why every straight man should get fucked in the ass … at least once.


Who doesn't love thigh high fishnets with bows up the back? I certainly do.

So here I go on another rant. However, ladies and esteemed bottoms of the world, back me up here when I say that your average straight guy or hardcore top has no clue what it’s like to be the fuckee in bed.

Last night I shared a wonderful evening with a strapping young lad. We were in the kitchen, the living room, the balcony and eventually wound up in his bed (which we broke. Unnecessary to the story, but admirable none the less).  It was deliciously raunchy and really one of the better experiences I’ve had in my short sexual lifespan. And while his incredible stamina did result in several wonderful orgasms, somewhere around about 6 a.m. I started to get tired. Very tired. And cranky. But most of all … sore. Three hours of fucking, sucking and all manner of other fun activities had taken its toll.

No, not the “I didn’t use enough lube sore,” the OMG all the muscles down there are exhausted, I’m starting to chafe despite all efforts, and you’ve spent so long licking me that honestly if you try to go near it I will punch you in the face kind of sore.

He begged, he pleaded.

” Just a couple more minutes. ”

“Please baby, you’re irresistible.”

“I just have to be inside you right now.”

etc. etc. etc.

But I could not do it. Oh I wanted to, with every fiber of my being, but knowing what the aftermath of that would feel like for me today was not on my list of things to do. There comes a point where it’s just a bad idea…and it’s up to me to do what I need to do because there’s no way he has any clue what I’m actually feeling.

So this is why I propose that all men should be fucked in the  ass … at least once. No, not that I want to turn them all gay, or that I would be willing to do the fucking. It’s just not my cup of tea. But the feeling of vulnerability mixed with the inability to control what’s going on a majority of the time is kind of unnerving.  There’s a level of sympathy that one can only possess if you’ve been through it. Your average straight man has no clue what it’s like to feel like you just can’t go on. Generally he’s so amazed he’s still hard that he has no clue the receptacle he’s pounding into is getting, well, more than slightly uncomfortable.

The instant words like “tearing” or “burning” pop into my head, I know it’s time to stop. Like NOW. And this isn’t something you can just ignore. It’s like drinking. If you don’t stop in time oh my, are you going to regret it the next day.

So men of the world, understand that “I’m tired” doesn’t always mean sleepy. It also doesn’t mean you’re doing a bad job or that your bed buddy doesn’t want to keep going. A good majority of the time it means if you keep going I might gorge your eyes out because my nether regions need to rest if you ever want the opportunity to be down there again.


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